Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to get the shutters I order?
A. It usually takes around two weeks.
Q. Do the shutter come with a warranty?
A. Yes the shutters do come with a warranty. You can find more info here Shutter Warranty
Q. Do the shutters come with mounting screws?
A. Yes all shutters come with mounting screws. For brick or masonry please request shutter spikes
Q. Are your shutters sold in pairs?
A. Yes the shutters are sold in pairs but we do sell just one if that's what is needed.
Q. What shipping company do you use?
A. Our company uses FedEx Ground for most orders but also uses freight shipping for big orders.
Q. Is it the same price for paintable shutters as it is for the colored shutters?
A. Yes both paintable and colored shutters are the same price.
Q. Where is your company located?
A. We are located at: 2801 S. 163rd Street New Berlin, WI 53151
Q. What is the best way to contact you?
A. You can call us at: 1(800) 234 - 9888 or email us here Custom Shutters llc.
Q.Can you paint pre colored shutters?
A. No you can not paint pre colored shutter the paint will scratch right off. The paintable shutter are made out of a special material that allows the paint to adhere.
Q. Can I get my shutters sooner than two weeks if needed?
A. Sometimes when we are not that busy orders can be rushed upon request.
Q.What kind of finish is on your shutters?
A.Our shutters have a semi-gloss wood grain finish.
Q.What are your shutters made of?
A. The pre colored shutters are made out of vinyl polypropylene. The paintable shutters are made out of vinyl polystyrene ( polystyrene makes the paint stick to the shutters)